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Born to sweet parental units who are still together today. Greg was an only child for 2+ years, when his only sibling came into the world. This family lived together in the same home from K-12.After High School, Greg decided to fly the coop & joined the military. He got to see more of the States & Overseas. He got to see much of the world, but is always open to seeing much more. This travel helped mold his open-minded worldview.After leaving the service he led a security company & held several other jobs. He also tested for the largest Sheriff's office in his home state, ranking in the top 1%. About this time he accepted a job as a sanitation engineer (garbageman).This was his first Monday through Friday job. While working this job, he needing to exercise his brain. So he taught himself a number of thing from program websites to receiving a Doctorate of Divinity.After 10 years doing this job, he choose to complete another degree. This got him on with current employer of 25 years.Thanks for visiting!

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Greg has made hundreds of websites since the early 90s. These days it's much easier...If you would like to create a super simple website in under 2 minutes, click here.If you would like help making a nicer website contact Greg via the web chat button in lower right hand corner.

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