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Hi, I'm Greg. This is my website. I have made countless websites but decided since I do other things too I should share. I'll get into the things I create below after I tell you a bit about myself.I was an only child for a couple of years to my folks who are still together today.About two weeks after my second birthday my sibling came into the world. The four of us lived together in the same location from before Kindergarten, until after I graduated High School.A few months after I finished High School I decided to get out of town & joined the military.I got to live over 2,000 miles away, still in the States during this time before moving overseas & getting to see much of the world. This has helped mold my open-minded worldview. It is funny to hear people's thoughts & believes when they have never traveled or talked to anybody with any different background than themselves.After moving back to my home state, I ran a security company, as well as several other jobs. I also had a few small businesses of my own. During this same time, I tested for the largest Sheriff's offices in the state, ranking in the top 1%. During this time I got a job offer being a garbageman.Having never had a Monday through Friday day job, I decided to make the move. After working this job for a while, I needed to exercise my brain. During these years, I taught myself to make websites & got a Doctorate of Divinity.Enough being enough with that job, I decided it was time to move on from doing that. I went back to school for almost a year to complete yet another degree, which got me on with my current employer, over 20 years ago.Edit: In part due to the plandemic, last several months, I have been consuming more books. You can check which ones, by visiting READ.byGF.usThanks for visiting!

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Many people are on this social media site or that one. Nobody is on every social media site, nor sure one really spend this much time on social media when one can spend time in the real world. This said I most likely have more than most. Below are a few I seem to use more than others.

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