Who is Greg? (About Greg)

Hi, I'm Greg. This is my website. I have made countless websites but decided since I do other things too I should share. Now don't be fooled; a little bit of gregful.com will be covering the fact that I do make websites. (more on websites see: idsygn.com).

I digress! Before I start in on what many things I do just to create; I must share I love to go on adventures as well. (more on adventures see: fellin.org)

I'll get into the things I create below after I tell you a bit about myself.

I was an only child for a couple of years to my folks who are still together today.

One day shy of two weeks after my second birthday my sister came into the world. The four of us lived together in the same house from before I started Kindergarten, until after I graduated High School.

A few months after I finished High School I decided to blow the coop & joined the military.

I got to live in Texas during this time before moving overseas & getting to see much of the world, which has helped mold my open-minded world view. It is funny to hear people's thoughts & believes sometimes when they have never travel or even talked to anybody with even as much as a different background as themselves.

After moving back to my home town I ran a security company for a short while all the while testing for the Sheriff's department. During this time I got a job offer being a garbageman.

I had never had a Monday through Friday day job so I made the move. After doing this job for a while I decided I needed something to do to exercise my brain. During my years in this job, I taught myself to make websites & got a Doctorate of Divinity (D.D. or DD, Divinitatis Doctor in Latin) which is an advanced honorary academic degree in divinity.

Enough being enough I decide to quit doing that & to go back to school for a year to finish yet another degree which got me on with my current employer.